Vertical Drainage

Ausdrain offers a number of vertical drainage solutions, dependent upon your specific project or application.

30mm Walldrain Panel

Ausdrain’s 30mm Walldrain Panel is a rigid, high compressive strength drainage cell product that is perfect for basement and retaining wall applications. The panels are 1000mm x 1000mm and are pre-wrapped with filter fabric. This makes installation easy as there is little cutting required and also avoids unnecessary wastage as exact quantities can be ordered for each job.

Read more about Walldrain Panels here.

Applications for 30mm Walldrain

Retaining walls, foundation walls and basements

System Components

  1. Basement or retaining wall
  2. Waterproof membrane
  3. Walldrain panels
  4.  Filter pipe or ag line
  5. Washed river sand
  6. Clean backfill

Dörken Delta NP

Dörken Delta NP Drainage Sheet is a high compressive drainage sheet that provides high drainage capacity through specially configured dimples. The product is perfect for most vertical applications in building, underground and civil engineering construction.

The product is available in 2.0m x 20.0m rolls and has an integrated geotextile fabric to filter out suspended soil particles, ensuring constant drainage through the vertical void created by the dimples.

Read more about Dörken Delta NP here.

DörkenDelta NP Applications

Basement walls, underground car parks, foundation walls, retaining walls, bridge abutments, open cut tunnels

System Components

  1. Waterproof membrane
  2. Dimpled drainage sheet
  3. Geotextile
  4. Ag line
  5. Washed river sand
  6. Angle/cap