Subsoil Drainage Solutions

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Ausdrain provides a range of subsoil drainage solutions for landscaping, residential, commercial, civil applications that form part of a broader waterproofing system; promoting efficient stormwater and rainfall management onsite. Ausdrain’s 30mm HexCell Drainage Cell, 30mm drainage cell, 50mm HexCell Drainage Cell, 30mm Walldrain panels and Dorken Delta dimpled sheeting are employed across applications such as rooftop gardens, planter boxes, podium landscaping, sportfields, retaining walls, basements and underground tunnel projects.

The design of Ausdrain’s subsoil drainage solutions promote efficient drainage and creating a reinforced structural void between the slab and soil profile. Panels snap seamlessly together, reducing onsite installation and labour costs whilst minimizing the use and cost of gravel or other natural aggregates.

As a distributor of Dörken Delta Dimpled Sheeting, Ausdrain can provide more versatile waterproofing solutions for tunnel, basement and retaining wall projects. The dimpled membrane offered additional protection to waterproofed surfaces creates a void between the wall and backfilled area to allow for adequate drainage. Dörken Delta Dimpled Sheeting can be cut to size for ease of vertical installation, minimising waste and labour costs.

Localised manufacturing of Ausdrain’s subsoil drainage solutions means that orders are dispatched within days not weeks of order receipt. Without the restraint of offshore procurement, Ausdrain is proud to provide our clients with exceptional lead times for production and delivery.

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