Structural Void Fill

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There is a growing need for a competitive, lightweight and environmentally sustainable structural void fill solution that also provides efficient drainage and or stormwater detention or retention.

Ausdrain’s EnviroModule™ is an ideal solution for structural void fill in applications where fill levels need to be raised without the use of heavy and potentially expensive fill materials. Typical applications include decorative landscape mounds, raising levels of planter boxes, podiums and retaining walls. EnviroModule™s provide a structural base suitable for paving or decking and can be used as a foundation for aesthetic landscape design. The permeable and modular nature of EnviroModule™ also provide outstanding drainage outcomes and can even provide reticulated recycled water.

EnviroModule™’s unique Slide and Lock design allows for fast and easy onsite installation. Manufactured in Sydney, Australia from Reproplene™, a 100% recycled polypropylene, EnviroModule™ also provides an environmentally sustainable solution that won’t impact surrounding soils or vegetation negatively.

Applications of EnviroModule™2 in structural void fill

Landscaping hills, mounds, reliefs, hillocks, roof gardens & podiums, landscaping planter boxes, raising the level of different concrete slabs

Key Benefits of using EnviroModule™ as structural void fill:

  • Reduced weight compared to traditional soil infill practice
  • High Drainage Performance
  • Easy and cost-effective floor elevation for greenroofs and podium LandscapingsStructures
  • Accommodate different levels and utility pipes
  • Insulates the building – The created void forms an air gap which reduces seasonal heating and cooling requirements of the building
  • Waterproofing membrane protection (the lining membrane can be damaged from the landscaping material (soil, gravel, decorative pebbles)

Want to know more about how to use EnviroModule™2 as structural void fill?

Download our EnviroModule™2 Product Brochure or watch our install video below:

EnviroModule™2 Brochure    Design & Installation Guide    Installation Video