Septic Leach Drains

EnviroModule™2 leach drains otherwise known as absorption trenches, are practical, cost-effective and easy to install.

EnviroModules are lightweight, have an open structure providing high flow rates and are extremely robust enabling installation under trafficable areas such as carparks and driveways.

AUSDRAIN EnviroModules are delivered to site in flat-pack form saving on transportation costs. The modules feature a slide and lock assembly function that minimises the time and effort required to assemble each module. Once assembled the modules are easily carried and lifted by hand into the trench. They are then placed end to end in a line and covered on the top, sides and ends with a recommended geotextile.

We’ve simplified the installation of leach drains even further with a150mm pipe connector to compliment the system. The connector clips effortlessly to the top, side or end of the module, providing a positive and secure connection for PVC inlet pipes and inspection ports. The fabric can then be easily stretched and clamped over the connector. Reducers can be used for smaller pipe diameters.

The EnviroModule™2 leach drain system has been approved by councils and regulatory authorities including the Department of Health in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Applications of EnviroModule™2 Septic Leach Drains:

Residential projects, sub-divisions, commercial projects.

Want to know more about how to use EnviroModule™2 in septic leach drains?

Download our EnviroModule™2 Septic Leach Drain Brochure below:

Septic Leach Drain Brochure