Reprolene™, a sustainable choice

With the circular economy and sustainable plastics use top of mind for global consumers, environmental irresponsibility is an idea we are becoming less tolerable of. Sustainability matters, and as a foundational core value of Holloway Group and it’s family of brands, it is woven into its strategies, products and operation. Holloway Group processes hundreds of thousands of kilograms of raw materials every month to manufacture its industrial grade products. These are used across a wide range of industries and markets including construction, building, agriculture, landscaping, and packaging (to name a few.) For non-food contact applications, Holloway Group recommend the use of Reprolene™, a 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, non-reactive, recycled polypropylene (PP)

Ausdrain’s range of 30mm Drainage Cell, Walldrain, EnviroModule™, and FlushMax™ are all manufactured using this environmentally sustainable material and form part of it’s green infrastructure and stormwater management strategies.

Same industrial strength​

Products manufactured with Reprolene™ boast the same industrial strength as virgin PP. Both virgin PP and Reprolene™ Holloway Group products are engineered to be harder wearing and impact resistant, so you can make a sustainable choice without compromising on product performance or strength.

The environmental choice​

Reprolene™ is made from 100% post-industrial materials. Reuse of plastics in manufacturing redirects PP typically destined for landfill, to more sustainable solutions. As a non-reactive material, Reprolene™ is also safe for use around animals, plants and humans.

Part of a circular economy

With a broader circular economy mindset, the use of Reprolene™ is more than just waste reduction, although that is considered an important part of sustainability strategies for business. Products made by Holloway Group for its hero brands Geohex and Ausdrain promote water conversation, water management, green infrastructure and the regeneration of natural systems both now and for generations of the future.

It is with this mind, that ongoing product development of Holloway Group’s proprietary products, as well as facilitation of innovative new projects for partners focuses on the Group’s core mission: Redefining what’s possible in order to engineer a better tomorrow.

Over 200,000kgs processed per month​

Holloway Group’s ISO9001 certified facility processes over 200,000kgs of Reprolene™ per month for the manufacturing of over 30 of its own products and countless products of its partners.  For a truly sustainable and strong alternative to virgin PP as a material in your products, consider Reprolene™ as a sustainable choice available exclusively from Holloway Group.