Infiltration Tanks

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Compared to conventional gravel systems, Ausdrain EnviroModule™2 Infiltration Tank offers 95% void storage that reduces tank sizes by up to two thirds, saving on excavation and spoil removal costs.

The continued development of our cities and greenfields has resulted in the requirement for on-site stormwater management. The implementation of an infiltration system assists with the replenishment of underground aquifers and prevents stormwater discharge that may result in downstream flooding.

Ausdrain EnviroModule™2 Infiltration Tanks have proven to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to the environmental issues of stormwater management that have resulted in local authority requirements for infiltration tanks or soakaways.

The EnviroModule™2 Infiltration Tank is constructed from high strength EnviroModule™s that have been engineered to allow stormwater to be captured and efficiently discharged inside a structural void surrounded in geotextile fabric. Water entering the tank is stored temporarily and naturally dissipates back into the surrounding ground at a rate dependent on soil type.

An Ausdrain EnviroModule™2 Infiltration tank can be installed in a variety of soil types due to the remarkable infiltration rates proven to be up to six times greater than gravel filled systems.

The high compressive strength of the modules enables tank installations under trafficable areas such as carparks and driveways. Pre-filtering of stormwater is essential for a well-designed system. Combined with the Ausdrain EnviroSump or a suitable Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT), this system provides a complete stormwater management solution.

Applications of EnviroModule™2 Infiltration Tanks:

Sportsfields, schools and colleges, recreational areas, carparks, industrial parks, council projects, commercial projects

Want to know more about how to use EnviroModule™2 in infiltration tanks?

Download our EnviroModule™2 Product Brochure or watch our install video below:

EnviroModule™2 Brochure    Design & Installation Guide    Installation Video    FlushMax™ Brochure

System Components

  1. Inlet pipe
  2. Envirosump
  3. Pipe connector
  4. EnviroModule™s
  5. Geotextile fabric
  6. Coarse washed river sand
  7. Outlet pipe
  8. Overflow pit