Horizontal Drainage

Drainage Cell Brochure

Ausdrain 30mm drainage cell is the most effective and efficient drainage solutions for planter boxes, roof gardens, podium landscaped areas and most horizontal drainage applications.

It features high compressive strength and is lightweight reducing weight on the underlying structure by 98% compared to gravel. In addition, there is a 5:1 reduction in the drainage medium height enabling greater scope for soil depth and plantings.

The drainage cell in combination with a geotextile fabric acts as the protection layer for the underlying waterproof membrane and provides ventilation for concrete slabs.

Applications of Horizontal Drainage Cell:

Roof gardens, planter boxes, podium landscaping, sportsfields, civil works

Want to know more about how to use Ausdrain’s 30mm drainage cell in horizontal drainage applications?

Download our 30mm Drainage Cell Product Brochure below:

Drainage Cell Brochure

System Components

  1. Waterproof membrane
  2. Protection board
  3. Drainage cell
  4. Geotextile fabric
  5. Coarse washed river sand
  6. Soil mix
  7. Outlet pipe
  8. Landscaping