FRÄNKISCHE Stormwater Management Solutions

Ausdrain now distributing FRÄNKISCHE Stormwater Management Solutions in Australia

Frankische Stormwater Solutions


  • With over 5,000 employees in 19 locations worldwide, FRÄNKISCHE is a family-owned company founded in Germany that has been innovating in the field of piping since 1906 and working in the field of stormwater management since the 1990s.
  • FRÄNKISCHE offers a complete solution for urban stormwater management

Our 4-Part Process

We’re in the business of creating solutions to solve the challenges of stormwater management. It’s for this reason that we’ve developed a stormwater system that follows an easy four-part process. Click through each part to find out more, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can work together to create a better environment!

Frankische 4 part stormwater management process


On-site detention

Retention of stormwater with subsequent infiltration or through controlled discharge benefits flood control and prevents flooding.

Rigofill® ST - system Detention

Stormwater Harvesting

Water – particularly drinking water – is a priceless resource which should be treated responsibly and used sparingly. When drinking water quality is not imperative, it makes sense to use stormwater instead. Stormwater harvesting ranges from irrigation of greens to large-scale utilisation, e.g. for car washes.

Stormwater Harvesting - Rigofill ST - Australia


We offer infiltration systems to infiltrate occurring stormwater and return it to the natural water cycle. Here, storage/infiltration systems temporarily collect stormwater and discharge it later.

Award winning project showcase: Stormwater Harvesting for Yarra City Council

The $1.6 million stage 2 upgrade to the Edinburgh Gardens Stormwater Harvesting Scheme was completed in 2020 and was part of the City of Yarra’s Integrated Water Management Plan (2020) which included the installation of a 1ML underground storage system using our Rigofill ST-B geocellular blocks, as well as upgrades to the existing drainage system. It was awarded the Engineering Excellence Award presented by IPWEA Victoria

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