FRÄNKISCHE Stormwater Treatment Solutions

Fränkische Stormwater Treatment Solutions

Cleaning and treating dirty stormwater have never been easier with our exclusive FRÄNKISCHE Stormwater Treatment System.

There are some significant benefits to treating stormwater prior to storage, including ensuring your storage tank lasts longer without the sediment build-up that causes costly blockages.

It also allows the water to be recycled with significantly less bacteria build-up and turbidity, which means the post-filters and sterilization systems work more efficiently for the irrigation applications of urban trees, farming, landscaping and with further treatment even drinking.

Three Ways to Remove Micro Pollutants with State-of-the-Art German Technology

With the use of our exclusive technology, the FRÄNKISCHE SediPipe range gives you state-of-the-art stormwater treatment technology that meets the latest German engineering standards; DWA-102-2.

With the DWA-102-2 surpassing the Australian stormwater treatment standards (modelled through MUSIC), the three SediPipe options are designed to remove a higher proportion of the pollutants carried by the finer Total Suspended Solids or TSS particles in stormwater.

This means that it can be recycled and redistributed where it is needed, and given that Australians don’t have the luxury of wasting water, this system will become imperative moving forward or when planning for the future.

SediPipe - the cleaning pipe



Our treatment train philosophy has been optimised for the Australian market and represents the highest level of stormwater treatment performance according to German and European standards:
    • 1st Stage – Broad Spectrum Pollutant Separator for coarse material 500-100 µm (Collaborative Partner)
    • 2nd Stage – SediPipe L for the capture of the bound contaminants being transported by the PDS of TSS63 (100 – <63 µm the most relevant purification stage)
    • 3rd Stage – Advanced Biofiltration Technology for dissolved substances (Collaborative Partner)

Example: Treated stormwater into Rigofill ST/ST-B Harvesting system with overflow to water body.

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