FRÄNKISCHE Stormwater Detention & Retention Solutions

Fränkische Stormwater Detention & Retention Solutions

The Solution to End Stormwater Flooding

By installing an underground stormwater detention/retention system, you will ensure excess runoff water can be stored without taking up any room above ground.

Our stormwater storage system is so sturdy and discrete that trucks can drive over it and park on top it without any idea what lays below.









The FRÄNKISCHE Rigofill ST is an underground Modular Geocellular Stormwater Storage System with one of the highest void ratio systems on the market at 96%.

The stormwater storage system is used for:

  1. Infiltration (soakaways) and Detention (slowed release of stormwaters)
  2. Retention or storage of treated water (stormwater harvesting)

With two stormwater detention/retention system options available, Rigofill ST and Rigofill ST-B, the FRÄNKISCHE systems offer consultants a reliable, robust, versatile, maintenance-friendly 4th generation of stormwater storage systems, which represent real advances and innovation for the Australian market.

Rigofill ST and ST-B stormwater storage systems are extremely strong and have been designed to handle loads of HGV60/ 60t (green module ST) and HGV30/ 30t (black module ST-B) per m2 with a minimum design life of 60 years.

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