FRÄNKISCHE 4 Part Process

FRÄNKISCHE 4-Part Process

We’re in the business of creating solutions to solve the challenges of stormwater management. It’s for this reason that we’ve developed a stormwater system that follows an easy four-part process.

Frankische 4 part stormwater management process

1. Transport

In the event of heavy rainfall, stormwater can pose a risk for traffic and must therefore be efficiently and reliably discharged. FRÄNKISCHE RailPipe stormwater pipes have been specially developed for discharging stormwater from Rail and Infrastructure projects.

Because the pipes are made of high-quality resistant PP, they can withstand, e.g., fuels and oils. In addition, these pipes can withstand heavy traffic loads and can be installed under or alongside the track.

With the corresponding RailControl inspection shafts, FRÄNKISCHE can provide a complete solution for all your Rail and Track Drainage requirements.

RailPipe System

2. Treatment 

Cleaning and treating dirty stormwater have never been easier with our exclusive FRÄNKISCHE Stormwater Treatment System.

There are some significant benefits to treating stormwater prior to storage, including ensuring your storage tank lasts longer without the sediment build-up that causes costly blockages.

It also allows the water to be recycled with significantly less bacteria build-up and turbidity, which means the post-filters and sterilization systems work more efficiently for the irrigation applications of urban trees, farming, landscaping and with further treatment even drinking.

Find out more on our Stormwater Treatment solutions.

3. Storage

The Solution to End Stormwater Flooding

By installing an underground stormwater detention/retention system, you will ensure excess runoff water can be stored without taking up any room above ground.

Our stormwater storage system is so sturdy and discrete that trucks can drive over it and park on top of it without any idea what lays below.

4. Discharge

To avoid flooding and over-running the drainage and sewer systems during peak times, the FRÄNKISCHE stormwater management systems take into consideration the best way to manage flow control of stormwater discharge.

When emptying storage facilities or storm sewers, the discharge rate is meant to be relatively low. A good way of controlling this discharge is with the use of a vortex valve on the discharge side to assist with flow control.

The vortex valve shafts developed by FRÄNKISCHE together with UFT are flow limiters designed to aid flow control by defining the discharge rate from overflow tanks, storage tanks and stormwater pipework systems to a precalculated and defined maximum discharge capacity.

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