FlushMax™ Brochure

Ausdrain offers a number of filtration solutions, dependent upon your specific project or application.

FlushMax™ Inspection and Cleaning System

Ausdrain’s FlushMax™ system is an innovative inspection, cleaning and maintenance system designed to provide permanent access to Ausdrain EnviroModule™2 modular tanks. The system offers designers, builders and property owners a cost-effective and practical solution to enable the long-term maintenance of EnviroModule™2 tanks.

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FlushMax™ Brochure
FlushMax Maintenance Module

Applications for FlushMax™ Cleaning and Inspection System

Infiltration, onsite detention, residential rainwater harvesting, commercial rainwater harvesting and bio-remediation.

EnviroSump Filtration Unit

Ausdrain’s EnviroSump has been developed as a low cost, effective and easy to maintain stormwater filtration system. Stormwater flowing from roof areas and pavements is directed into the EnviroSump via downpipes or a surface grate.

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Applications for EnviroSump Filtration Unit

Residential projects, sub-divisions, roads and car parks, schools and hospitals, sportsfields and recreational areas

System Components

  1. Inlet Pipe
  2. Light-duty lid or grate
  3. Handles
  4. Filter Bag
  5. Outlet pipe