EnviroSump Filtration Unit

Ausdrain’s EnviroSump Filtration Unit has been developed as a low cost, effective and easy to maintain stormwater filtration system. Stormwater flowing from roof areas and pavements is directed into the EnviroSump Filtration Unit via downpipes or a surface grate.

EnviroSump Filtration Units traps sediment and gross pollutants allowing clean water to flow through the filter. Each unit consists of a 600x600x700mm polyethylene pit and a removable filter bag on stainless steel rim with handles.

The filter bag has a 200 micron base section and a 400 micron overflow. The filter bag is easily removed for maintenance. This involves discarding the contents of the bag as compost and washing the bag before replacing.

EnviroSump Filtration Unit is available with a solid plastic lid and when required, a 600 x 600 x 300mm riser is also available allowing flexibility for required pipe invert levels.

It’s also suitable for residential and smaller size projects, is non-trafficable and is recommended for installation in landscaped areas only.

EnviroSump Technical Data

600 x 600 x 700mm


600 x 600 x 300mm



Max Flow Rate*

Filter Bag


Max Depth



UV Stabilised Polyethylene


Mist Green

*Must be clean to achieve maximum flow rates