Delta Terraxx Drainage Sheet

Delta Terraxx two-ply protection and drainage sheet is a high compressive drainage sheet that provides a powerful foundation for vertical and horizontal substrates. The product is perfect for most vertical applications in building, underground and civil engineering construction. With its fused-on geotextile and integrated self-sealing edge, this dimpled sheet provides perfect surface drainage.

The product is available in 2.4m x 12.5m rolls and has an integrated geotextile fabric to filter out suspended soil particles, ensuring constant drainage through the vertical void created by the dimples.

Delta Terraxx has a dimpled membrane on one side offering added protection to the waterproofed surface. The dimples create a void between the wall and the backfilled area offering dependable vertical and horizontal drainage in civil engineering, buildings, retaining walls of all kinds, open tunnels and underground carparks.

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Delta Terraxx Brochure      Delta Terraxx Product Data Sheet

Delta Terraxx

Delta-Terraxx R Technical Data





Dimple Height


Compressive Strength

40 tonnes /m2

Drainage Rate


Service Temperature

30°C - 80°C

Dimpled Sheet Material


Geotextile Material

Nonwoven, stabilized virgin PP, grey with printing